“What’s a sexually frustrated modern wife to do? And how do you balance sexual and emotional fulfillment—especially when you’re confronted with a ‘life altering cock’—and it’s not your husband’s? In this psychologically piercing and intimate voyage, Alex brings new life to the cuckolding/hot wife genre by getting inside the minds of woman in search of new answers—and sexual nirvana! This is the kind of read that puts me in the mood!”

—India Summer, award-winning adult actress, libertine blogger, hotwife/cuckoldress

Included in a list of “Best Books Featuring FemDom and Coupling”:

A+: “A friend of mine into the scene recommended this novella to me, and I have to agree with her, it’s wickedly fun. Most femdom themed novels read like bad Internet porn, and most books featuring themes of cuckolding usually portray the cuckoldress as one dimensional, but not in this case. I could relate to the wife’s predicament completely. It involves her understanding of her natural right, as a woman, to find regular sexual fulfillment. And her undeniable realization that her husband just isn’t enough. Despite the love she has for him, he simply is not her sexual equal.”  Read more ….



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